Why I Don't Care About Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner's Gender?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Magazines…everywhere on the social media you’ll find people gossiping about Caitlyn Jenner’s gender, her past, her present, the support she got, the criticism she had and discussing all aspects, they can, of her personal life. The news of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner has created much of a hype and her name has been trending everywhere. But, what if I told you: I DON’T CARE. I don’t care why she changed her gender or how many hormones did she get injected! You want a reason? I’ll give you more than one! I don’t care because caring for Jenner’s gender won’t help hungry stranded souls. It won’t help getting them food, shelter and clothing! It makes me feel sick to think I’m living in a world where people show a thousandfold more interest in the headline regarding Caitlyn Jenner than that regarding thousands of Rohingya human beings stranded on ships for weeks without supplies and without any country willing to help them! People pay more attention to the gender details of an individual who was not comfortable in his/her own skin than the life details of thousands of human beings living in conditions not even suitable for animals. People are more eager to know about all the procedures Bruce Jenner went through to transform himself into what he is now, than knowing the inhospitable and inhumane conditions in which the Rohingyas are forced to live. They’re more worried about how Jenner’s family is responding to the change than how the families fleeing from Myanmar - children, men, women, aged are spending the nostalgic days of their life in ships, away from land. They’re more cautious to stay updated about Jenner’s diet and heath than about the poor souls dying of thirst, hunger and seasickness. In short, people have become devoid of humanity; seeing only what the media shows them and thinking only what the media makes them think! In case you don’t know what Rohingya is and how brutal has time been to them ( which most of you won’t know because it’s nothing to do with a celebrity!), let me give you some information. Rohingya, a distinct, Muslim ethnic group mainly living in Myanmar (aka Burma) and thought to be descended from Muslim traders who settled there more than 1,000 years ago, also has a population living in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In Myanmar, they are subjected to forced labour, have no land rights, and are heavily restricted. In Bangladesh many are also desperately poor, with no documents or job prospects! Being subjected to massacre, lack of rights, oppression and all sorts of violence, these people decided to flee from Burma to go in search of a better home. But they didn’t know, fate had decided something equally bad, if not worse, for them. The 8,000 people have been stranded for weeks in Andaman Sea without food or water and all neighbouring countries are repelling their boats, putting help out of question. Many have already died. In Myanmar, thousands of lives are always in peril! Rohingya people are not even recognized as citizens of Burma although they’ve been residing there for generations! People are burnt alive and slaughtered like animals with all their rights trodden upon. And yet, there’s no country willing to help them. Those who somehow manage to reach land are treated like slaves in camps on the out skirts of Bangladesh and Thailand. If you’re still not convinced of the failure of humanity, let me state another fact that will make your heart bleed. While people enjoy cocktails and drinks sitting in five star hotels, these people, who are as humans as we are, are forced to drink their own urine in order to survive! And yet, there’s no one to raise their voice, provide them with a safe land to live, food to eat or fresh water to drink! Honestly speaking, watching all this happen in a movie (like Life Of Pi) makes people melancholic but isn’t it a shame how hearts turn to stone in real life Life Of Pi with the lives of thousands at stake? All I want us all to realize is that there’re things; catastrophes that need our attention far greater than the personal life of a celebrity. Are these people more deserving of your care and support or a random celebrity? Should you tweet about Rohingya and get the world to help them or just waste your time supporting Caitlyn Jenner? Alas! We’re just soulless humans roaming around! Soulless not because we don’t care but because we care for the wrong people! Wake up world. Help Rohingya!

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