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What Percent Alison Are You?

Do you really cry THAT much?

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  1. Have you...

    Watched at least one episode of SVU?
    Watched at least one season of SVU?
    Watched every SVU episode on Netflix?
    Cried over SVU more than once?
    Watched Glee 6 times?
    Cried over Glee more than once?
    Watched the episode where Finn dies just to cry?
    Watched the first episode of almost every TV show but never liked most of them?
    Tried to find a new show but ended up rewatching Glee/SVU when you couldn't find one?
    Listened to a Taylor Swift song?
    Listened to every Taylor Swift song?
    Known the words to every Taylor Swift song?
    Cried over a Taylor Swift song?
    Cried when Taylor Swift won a Grammy?
    Not brushed your hair for a week?
    Not brushed your hair for a month?
    Seen Wicked?
    Seen Wicked more than twice?
    Cried while seeing Wicked?
    Cried while listening to love songs because you are lonely?
    Been to Smashburger?
    Been to Shake Shack?
    Been to Chick Fil A?
    Been to Panera?
    Been to Chipotle?
    Been to Five Guys?
    Been to Starbucks twice in one day?
    Had a burger three meals in a row?
    Had a burger three meals in a row more than once?
    Said "I love Joe Biden"
    Said "I love Johnny"
    Said "I hate Latin"
    Said "I hate history"
    Said "I hate Shipley"
    Vented to Mr. O about your life issues?
    Drank Diet Coke?
    Drank two Diet Cokes a day?
    Drank Diet Coke for breakfast before school?
    Drank diet ginger ale?
    Drank 2+ diet ginger ales a day?
    Been to New York?
    Talked about how much you love New York?
    Cried twice in one day?
    Cried twice in one hour?
    Cried three times in a day?
    Cried 4+ a day?
    Cried in the shower?
    Cried in the school bathroom?
    Cried in bed?
    Cried openly in school?
    Cried openly in school more than once?
    Cried at a concert?
    Cried in the car?
    Cried during a test?
    Thought that maybe you cry too much?
    Had people say you look and dress like a hobo?
    Had multiple people say that in one day to you?
    Read People Magazine like a Bible?
    Dated a guy?
    Broken up with a guy?
    Gotten back together with your ex?
    Broken up with your ex for the second time?
    Gotten back together with the same ex AGAIN?
    Broken up with the same ex AGAIN?
    Gone to Avalon?
    Watched Silver Linings Playbook?
    Said "I hate children"
    Been grounded for a month?
    Been grounded for a month OVER THE SUMMER?
    Played field hockey?
    Said you hated field hockey many times?
    Kinda loved field hockey though?
    Volunteered to play field hockey goalie on day on impulse?
    Not really been sure why you volunteered to do that?
    Still wonder why you did that to this day and if it's been good or bad?
    Cried about field hockey?
    Cried about field hockey during a game while playing in the game at the same time?
    Cried over a field hockey ref yelling at you?
    Played softball?
    Cried over softball?
    Cried over your softball coach hating you?
    Gotten your contact stuck in your eye?
    Cried over your contact getting stuck in your eye?
    Had an asthma attack?
    Had many asthma attacks?
    Had a sister?
    Fought with your sister?
    Thrown a water bottle at your sister?
    Thrown a shoe at your mom?
    Fought with your history teacher?
    Cried about a teacher to a different teacher?
    Praised the gods when there were garlic knots for lunch?
    Had Jolly Rancher Chews?
    Imitated Zoe Quayle laughing/speaking?
    Found someone you don't know on instagram because your friend asked you to?
    Been called a stalker?
    Planned a fake wedding for yourself?
    Used all your data?
    Been made fun of for how you eat a pickle?
    Been told you make too many trillers?
    Fallen asleep on the floor of your school?
    Worn Ugg Moccasins?
    Kissed a boy?
    Cried about missing summer?
    Had mood swings?
    Been called the least favorite child?
    Been called the least favorite grandchild?
    Used ~~~these~~~ too much
    Dabbed too much?
    Whipped too much?

What Percent Alison Are You?

Lucky you! You probably have never watched SVU or obsessed over Joe Biden! You must have it together!

Not Really Like Alison
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You may have been to Smashburger a few times and maybe even played field hockey, but you're not there yet!

A Little Like Alison
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Wow! You must either have the same TV taste as me or just cry a lot!

A lot like Alison!
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I am sorry.

You are Alison!
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