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    The 10 Most Glorious Unibrows In Sports History

    Sometimes your hair to face ratio is out of whack. What can brow do for you?

    10. Joe Flacco

    When Flacco point to his brow in the huddle, his receivers know to run across the middle.

    9. Santino Marella

    Me gusta tu unibrow!

    8. Sammy Stewart

    With his drag strip and glassy eyes, Sammy has a serious Bert from Sesame Street thing going.

    7. Alex Ovechkin

    Natural evolution for athletes has finally brought us built-in sweatbands.

    6. Ramon Rivas

    I wonder if Larry Bird ever told this guy that he had a baby caterpillar on his face?

    5. Jose Bosingwa

    I don't always surf the internet; but when I do, eyebrows.

    4. Anthony Davis

    Highlander told us there can only be one.

    3. Andy Etchebarren

    Whoa, put that thing away while I'm eating! Good thing this guy wore a mask.

    2. Frank Zupo

    I can't say anything bad about Frank Zupo because he and the other cavemen discovered fire.

    1. Wally Moon

    Length, color, and thickness—a true triple threat and the champion of facial skid marks.