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Game Of Thrones Ep. 208 Power Rankings

War isn't's imminent. Before the death count rises, check where your favorite characters stand after "The Prince of Winterfell"

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2. Robb Stark

Hasn’t been betrayed by his mother to this degree since she threw out his comic book collection. He also cheated on his wife before his wife is actually his wife.

(Don Draper lights a cigarette and applauds The King of the North)

7. Arya Stark

Showed incredible restraint by not putting the final hit out on that schmuck who knocked her water buckets over. After watching the escape from Harrenhall, it’s obvious Arya never clocked many hours of Metal Gear Solid. Get under a cardboard box!

9. Daenerys Targaryen

The girl at the end of the world has not given up on finding her dragons. Most searches end after 48 hours. Even if found, who knows what those dragons have seen?

*Imagine Pyatt Pree tucking it in and dancing to "Goodbye Horses"*

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