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    10 Interesting Facts About Osteopathic Medicine

    Thinking about visiting an osteopathic physician for your healthcare? Here are 10 interesting facts about osteopathic medicine you may not know!

    1. The Word Osteopath Comes from the Greek Word ‘Osteo’ Meaning ‘Structure’

    2. The First Doctor of Osteopathy was Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

    3. An Osteopath is a Complete Physician and Can Prescribe Drugs

    4. An Osteopath Is Not a Chiropractor

    He practices similar techniques but a chiropractor is not a complete physician.

    5. Osteopathic Medicine Treats the Whole Person

    Many medical doctors (MDs) are specialists in gastroenterology, gynecology, and children's medicine. An Osteopath treats not only disease but the entire person, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health.

    6. Osteopaths Perform Musculoskeletal Manipulation

    Musculoskeletal manipulation helps repair the brain/body connection so the body may heal itself.

    7. About 20% of Osteopathic Physicians are Women

    8. Osteopaths See 100 Millions Patients Each Year

    9. 64% of Osteopathic Physicians are in Primary Care

    10. Former President George Bush Employed an Osteopath as His Primary Doctor

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