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    Religion Fails

    Funny, strange, oblivious, and just regular old FAIL posts relating to religion.

    Hello, This is not meant to offend anyone. This is just a random list of religious comment fails from various social media sites. I will do it in several categories : oblivious posts, pick and choose posts, lack of their own religion's literature, posts, lack of general education posts, and to make it fair.... dumb atheists posts.

    Oblivious Posts

    Pick & Choose

    Some may call these people hypocrites.

    Lack of Bible/ Religious Literature Education

    Do you actually know what's written in the book of which you preach from?

    Lack of general education

    Science! History! Foreign Language!

    * Science *

    Vaccine & Covid misinformation

    Please speak to a medical professional for information on Covid19 and Vaccines. Don't believe random people on the internet.

    Random, Lighthearted & Funny Fails

    Atheist Fails

    And now, most important of all, remember this: