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Want To Be More Successful? Take Health And Wellness Seriously By Brian Goldstein

The most successful entrepreneurs I know work over 12 hours on any given day, it’s how they take their small business into multi-million power houses! Everyone wants to know how they do it. What’s their secret to executing so long? People may expect a supernatural, jaw-dropping, unheard of mind hack discovered in some 2,000-year-old temple that’s only available to the world's most powerful and successful. Others may think “well maybe they just say that and let their assistants do all the work.” But the truth is.. they don’t have any of that. Brian Goldstein is an impressive productive entrepreneur who runs multiple companies. He is busy all the time with clients, business, and personal life situations. How does he do it?

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Respect Yourself

Brain treats his mind and body with respect. No gimmicks or tricks. He keeps his mind and body in the best shape he can. That’s the not-so-revolutionary method he uses to be more successful every passing day. Of course, it’s not the only thing Brain does to be successful, but it had the biggest impact on his performance.

Brain takes his mental and physical health and wellness very seriously, like other successful people do every day.

A study found, “eating unhealthily is linked with a 66% increased risk of loss of productivity, while rare exercise is linked with a 50% increased risk of low productivity.”

For this very reason alone entrepreneurs like Brain take exercises very seriously as well as thousands of multi-millionaires.

What Others Are Doing

As mentioned earlier, Brian isn’t the only one exercising keeping his energy levels up. Barack Obama eats breakfast with his family, reads the newspaper, and exercises before heading to the Oval Office around 9 AM. Toronto native superstar Drake can often be found working out with his trainer, Johnny Roxx.

Not only are top performing people in the world working out to produce higher results but whole companies too. In a 2008 study, researchers who studied 200 employees at one company made an interesting discovery. Seventy-nine percent of employees felt their mental and interpersonal performance was better on days they exercised.

What You Can Do

It’s important to keep your feet on the ground. Don’t over do it. Working out to the point of extreme exhaustion will have the opposite effect we are looking for. Find a balance between working out and relaxing. Create a realistic exercise regimen that you will stick too! Like I mentioned, don't be overly ambitious. You won’t get anywhere if you burn yourself out. If you hate running on the treadmill, try other options like swimming or basketball, those exercises still get your heart beating and your blood pumping. It’s better to find something you like that will allow you to get up and move. The end goal is to be happy, energized, and ready to go... not exhausted.

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