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5 Steps to Get Tons of Referral Business as a Freelancer

9 years ago, Brandon Peterson never would have imagined the success he has garnered today. Especially since website design was never a career Brandon even considered. Now? Brandon’s digital agency ‘Brandon Peterson Designs’ is closing 5-figure deals with startups and million dollar brands. His current path began all those years ago, when Brandon began messing around with basic website builders in his free time. Fast forward 3 years, and Brandon decided to actually learn how to build websites the right way. 2 years after that Brandon decided to turn this hobby into a business. One of the best decisions he has ever made. Having never spent a dime on marketing, all of Brandon Peterson Design’s projects have been referral based because of the customer service and quality of work he was able to deliver.

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Be Passionate About What You Do

As Brandon states, “Being passionate about what you do may sound pretty generic, because just about everybody in the history of success will tell you the same”. But Brandon himself agrees that it's absolutely essential to love what you do, especially when you're trying to start a business by yourself.

For example, Brandon likes design a lot, but he gets a really satisfying feeling when he’s made something great for a client. When they say, "We love it! It played a huge contribution to our success!" That is what motivates him.

Don’t Deliver Websites, Deliver Quality

When a client wants to work with Brandon, he always sells them on his perfectionism. “Do you pay excruciating attention to detail” Brandon asks. “People want that. It separates you from Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancers”. Quality is a rare thing, and high end clients are willing to pay extra for it.

Pick your Niche, and Dive Head First

“There are little pockets of people everywhere. From backyard gardeners to heavy weapon testers, you can find groups of people in just about any corner of the internet” Brandon states. “But here's the thing: most of these niches have a few key influencers. Key influencers have big followings, and just about everybody in their niche knows who they are”.

If you're able to form relationships with these key influencers and work out special deals (Free work!) with them, you can get a lot of exposure, fast. When a key influencer uses your services, or even better, publicly endorses them, your notoriety within that niche will grow. You'll receive more and more inquiries. As your name grows, so will your income. 

Grow Your Foundation

You need to be advancing your business forward at all times. So many freelancers spend their down time doing nothing. If you're not contracted to any projects, you have an amazing opportunity to work on your business. “Trust me”, Brandon explains, “Once you get busy with projects, it becomes harder and harder to find time for your own company”.

Use your time wisely. Improve your website. Update your portfolio. Increase your knowledge. Create an awesome proposal template so you can wow new clients.

Never Give Up

Brandon can't count how many clients reached out to him 1-3 years before proceeding with projects. Often times, clients aren't ready to be more forward when they initially contact you.

However, if you stay in the game, they will come back and look for you years down the road. When they see you're still in business, and growing your portfolio... they will start their first order because they know you are serious about your business.

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