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3 Marketing Truths An 18 Year Old Proved To Be Myths

As marketing evolves - truths become misconceptions. In this case, an 18 year old named Josue Arteaga debunked 3 marketing truths that mostly everyone thought to be the word of God. Who is Josue? He’s the head of Influencer Relations at Influencer Press and before that he was the CEO and founder of Influencer Viral a viral marketing company promoting products to the masses. He often challenges ideas and traditional marketing while adapting new technology. This is what he learned.

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You don’t need to invest any money into marketing

Josue Arteaga comments “At influencer press we have spent $0 on marketing. None of our clients ever came from paid advertising. It’s all word of mouth. I remember Gerard Adams told me he built his multi-million dollar empire with $0 ad spend.” It’s often thought that to make $10,000 you need a $5,000 ad budget. Obviously that’s a myth. To start a chain reaction of paying clients all you need to do is do an amazing job for an influential successful person then have him bring you referrals, the next clients pay but you do such a great job they bring you more business. Word to mouth marketing is easy when you give your customers more than what they paid for.

You don’t need a landing page

All you need to make $20,000 is a facebook and bank account. It’s true. Take a look

at this post: “All I did was give Ulyses sales copy to post on Facebook. We added scarcity telling everyone only 5 people are able to join. Then we added a viral aspect by telling people they could win a free mentorship session if they share this post. We then closed the people through messenger. No website, no email opt in, and no money spent.” said Josue. If something is worth $100,000 but you sell it at $5,000 then people will come running to buy. That exactly what Josue did in this copy. It was a limited high ticket offer for a very affordable price.

You don’t need email marketing.

With facebook new chat bots having higher open rates and click through rates than email it’s easy to see why marketers are making the shift to chatbots. The difference is Josue went all in on chatbots. “Email marketing seemed boring. It wasn’t new plus a chatbot can close a client for you. I know I ignore a lot of my email. I hardly ignore my facebook messages. It made more sense to go with Facebook chat bots. I don’t know how email marketing is still alive when chatbots produce a much higher ROI. For example we told people on Facebook if they wanted to learn how a chat bot could close clients for them they needed to subscribe to our chat bot. We had 200 new people subscribe to our chatbot from a simple post. Email is old. Chatbots are the new.”


Even experts can be wrong. Often entrepreneurs get to romantic about how they make money. That’s dangerous in a changing market. New things come out everyday and if you don’t adapt you will get left behind. What’s cool is that this levels the playing field.

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