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Are You A Giraffe?

Why your Facebook friends are turning into giraffes, and it's not because they think they're cute (although giraffes are).

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You might be finding that a lot of your friends on Facebook are turning into giraffes. Sometime late last week, giraffe pictures began appearing in place of Facebook profile pictures on the social network. As it turns out, the giraffe picture is a (non-enforceable) punishment in a new Facebook game that is circulating rapidly.

Facebook friends who failed to answer the riddle challenge "must" change their profile pictures to a photo of a giraffe and repost the riddle, asking friends to message them with the answer (as not to give away the answer, which is revealed below). The question goes:

It's 3:00 am, the doorbell rings, and you wake up. Unexpected visitors — it's your parents, and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread, and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

Answer correctly, or you too will "have" to post a giraffe profile picture and spread the (non-sense) awesome game. But in case you fail, here are a couple suggested giraffe images ready for you:



Now the answer is debatable. Many believe the correct response is "the door," because you aren't going to leave your parents standing outside on the front porch, are you! Others argue "your eyes" is the real answer to the riddle, but it is countered with the fact that eyes are already naturally opened reflexively for most upon waking and are not what one chooses to open first.

This widespread Facebook meme does not have a clear cause behind it, like some previous notable ones that have swept across profile pictures, such as women posting their bra sizes or colors during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, users changing their profile pictures to their favorite childhood cartoon character as part of a campaign against child abuse, users changing their profile photos to the red equal sign this past March in support of marriage equality.

But this meme's origin was not difficult to find either, although few online publications seem to have the neckknack for great investigative skills yet. YouTuber Andrew Strugnell, a self-proclaimed "24yr old kiwi" living in Thailand, is the mastermind behind the riddle. It is unclear what brilliant viral marketing goal Strugnell is attempting to achieve, but it's definitely worked.

What do you think about this giraffe riddle challenge? Are you annoyed by the giraffes taking over your Facebook newsfeed, or are you a giraffe?

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