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10 People Share Deep, Dark Secrets They're Keeping From Their BFF

What friendship doesn't have its fair share of secrets?

Secrets. We all have 'em. Some are tiny, and some are HUGE.

So we asked people to share the biggest, baddest secret they've ever kept from their BFF, and you won't believe some of the stories we got! As we can see from the trailer for the upcoming film A Simple Favor, it seems we don't always know our BFFs as well as we think we do. Check it out:

(Note: Because some of these secrets are still active, we've kept all of our contributors anonymous so as not to ruin any friendships!)


"I love my BFF, but she is the least responsible person I have ever met. Despite this, she decided to get a kitten. It was the sweetest little cat ever! But my BFF didn't like the responsibility of being a pet owner. A few months later, I moved across the country. On my way out of town, I stopped by her place (I still had a key she forgot about) and packed up that kitten and took it with me. I stole her cat! She thought it just ran away, and she didn't really look for it because she didn't like it anyway. It sucks because I can't ever post pics of the cat online, but Penelope (the cat) and I are much happier together, so I feel like I did the right thing." —Anonymous

Forbidden Fruit

"I hooked up with my BFF's older brother once. OK, twice. I have never and will never tell her. EVER." —Anonymous

Survivor's Guilt

"I found out that my best friend's mom had a terminal illness, and I didn't tell my friend. It was in junior high. My dad was his parents' doctor, and our families were very close. One night, I overheard my dad telling my mom that his mom had been diagnosed with a very aggressive kind of cancer (I now realize it was probably a major ethics violation on my dad's part, but they were very close, and I think my dad felt that my mom should know about it.) The next day, my parents told me in a very vague way just to 'make sure my BFF was doing OK' and help him out if he needed anything, etc. They didn't tell me why, but I knew. It turned out that his parents decided not to tell the kids about his mom's illness. She passed away a few months later. It was a total surprise to him, and he was devastated. I've thought a lot about whether I should have told him or not. Part of me knows I was respecting his parents' wishes, but another part of me thinks a good friend should have told him." —Anonymous

The Car Thief

"I borrowed my BFF's car without her permission to run some errands. I backed it right into a light pole. I didn't tell her; I just ran the rest of my errands, parked it back in the same exact spot, and then manipulated her into thinking someone backed into her parked car. She filed an insurance claim, and they covered the repairs, so everything's OK (except for the insurance fraud)!" —Anonymous

Bird Problems

"My best friend went on vacation, and I babysat his pet bird (birdsat? IDK). Anyway, one day while I was cleaning the cage, the little parakeet flew out, and my dog ate it. So my mom took me to the pet store and we bought another bird and I never told him." —Anonymous

The Dress

"My college roommate had this cute dress I absolutely loved. I always wanted to borrow it, but it was her most prized article of clothing. She went out of town one weekend, and so of course I totally borrowed her dress to go out. Karma struck quickly that night, and I ended up spilling a very colorful drink on the dress. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to get the stain out, and I eventually took it to a dry cleaner, and they messed it up even more. So I just decided to throw it away. About a week later, she was looking for that dress, and she couldn't find it anywhere. I convinced her she must have taken it with her on her weekend trip and lost it somewhere. She was devastated, and I felt really bad, but I could not bring myself to tell her the truth. Even to this day, she doesn't know I ruined it." —Anonymous

Hair (Don't) Care

"My roommate/BFF buys really nice expensive conditioner I can't afford. So sometimes I dump out all of her expensive conditioner, fill the bottle with my cheap conditioner, and then put her expensive conditioner in my cheap bottle because I'm a terrible person with terrible hair and her hair is beautiful and I need the good conditioner more than she does because she's perfect and I'm a garbage person." —Anonymous

The Nine-year Itch

"My sophomore year in college, my roommate started dating this guy. I'd had a brief fling with him the year before. It was nothing serious; we just hooked up a couple of times. When my roommate started seeing him, I didn't mention it because I figured it would just be a brief thing for them too. It's been nine years, and they're married now. And I still haven't told her I hooked up with her (now) husband before they started dating. She's never mentioned it either, so I'm assuming he never said anything. Or maybe he did tell her, and she's been waiting for me to confess for all these years?! I don't know. It's making me feel very anxious now." —Anonymous

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