17 Kids Who Roasted Their Parents Within An Inch Of Their Lives

"Me to my son: 'You remind me of me.' My son: 'That's just mean.'"

Asia McLain • One day ago
Asia McLain • One day ago

15 lustige Fotos von Frauen, die ernsthaft, ERNSTHAFT schwanger sind

Es gibt schwanger – und es gibt so richtig schwanger!

Asia McLain • 3 days ago
Asia McLain • 3 days ago
Asia McLain • 3 days ago

17 Parents Share The Moment They Knew They Were Ready For Another Kid

"When my first kid set-up a tea party outside my bathroom door because I was her only playmate."

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21 Married Women Share What They Wish They Could Tell Their Single Friends

"Checking with my husband before making plans with you is not a control thing, it's a respect thing."

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Asia McLain • 12 days ago

How Do Your Girl Scout Cookie Opinions Compare To Others?

Let's see how your cookie cravings measure up.

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This Mom Collects Her Kids' Friends' Phones When They Come Over And, Of Course, Parents Have Thoughts

"I love my kids' friends so much that I want them to talk to each other at our house."

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Here Are 14 More Totally Unbelievable Things People Actually Said To Pregnant Women

"I said that my back hurt, and my husband's uncle responded, 'Maybe next time you'll swallow!'"

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27 Parents Got Brutally Real About What They Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

"That every time you think you've gotten a handle on parenting, all of the rules change."

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Tell Us The Moment You Knew You Were Ready For Another Kid

Adding to the family ain't for the faint of heart.

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21 Mom Tweets From 2019 That Shouldn't Be This Funny

"If you don't have a favorite stall in the local Target bathroom, are you even a mom?"

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17 Grandparents Who Are Seriously Gifted At Texting

They're keeping up with technology like only they can.

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Tell Us What Married Folks Want Their Single Friends To Know

Sometimes they just don't understand.

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19 Pregnant Women Share The Most Inappropriate Things People Have Ever Said To Them

"A customer came into my store, saw that I was pregnant, and said, 'I hope you're married.'"

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29 Parents Get Real About What It's Like To Have A Baby In The NICU

"If you need a break, take one. You're not a bad parent for taking a breather."

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15 Pregnant Women Who Were Sadly Defeated By Their Own Brains

"I spent ten minutes trying to figure out why my Target card wouldn't work at Walmart."

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