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    14 Times Women Were So Excited To Be Pregnant They Did Some Weird Fucking Things

    You've totally done these things.

    1. You take a picture of your at-home pregnancy test and text it to someone.

    2. And then you find a perfect spot to stash it because you're totally keeping it forever.

    3. And you immediately figure out which fruit or veggie represents the current size of the baby you're carrying inside because, Baby Watch 2017.

    4. You try really hard to keep your pregnancy a secret and fail miserably.

    5. You start blaming everything on pregnancy brain pretty fucking immediately.

    6. While you're at it, you start using pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things you don't want to do, TBH.

    7. And you swear you can tell who your baby looks like from the ultrasound photo.

    8. You buy all the pregnancy books you can find and you read them all.

    9. And you totally give your partner reading assignments, too.

    10. You sign up for a million pregnancy listserves.

    11. You become a hot sobbing mess when you see baby product commercials on TV.

    12. You start considering every name you hear as a potential baby name.

    13. You go to Target to ogle at itty-bitty baby stuff.

    14. And you pin like you've never pinned before.