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    9 Photos That'll Make You Want Another Baby And 9 That'll Bring You To Your Senses

    Me: I really want another baby. Also me: #neverforget

    1. That undeniably sweet new baby smell you can never get enough of:

    brandyhays / Via

    2. But then again, all baby smells aren't so sweet, amirite?

    ashves / Via

    3. Chunky and totally pinchable little baby butt cheeks? Yes, please.

    4. But the explosive diapers that came with them? Hard pass.

    hannah_arundel / Via

    5. You totally miss fawning over all their adorable itty-bitty baby clothes.

    jessgitz / Via

    6. But not washing endless loads of all their adorable itty-bitty clothes.

    paigemonti / Via

    7. And how much did you melt over those out-of-the-blue open-mouthed kisses, you guys?

    ginnith08 / Via

    8. But those out-of-the-blue spit-up sessions? Not so much.

    chrissie_you / Via

    9. Remember those teeny-tiny toes you always wanted to kiss?

    catalkirephoto / Via

    10. But also those big-ass blowouts you always wanted to run away from?

    kara6105 / Via

    11. Spending all your time bonding with your new best friend was pretty freakin' sweet.

    kfwilliams12 / Via

    12. But TBH, a bit more adult interaction might've done you some good, too.

    ashley adair / Via Twitter: @lola_bunny86

    13. Sweet moments with your baby during feedings were pure heaven.

    sjarlie_youtube / Via

    14. But washing all those bottles and pump parts at the end of the day? Pure torture.

    learningaswegrow17 / Via

    15. You totally miss the watching in awe every time they do something new.

    mallyk13 / Via

    16. But not the watching in horror every time they do something new.

    sillyputtyqueen / Via

    17. And lastly, those precious moments watching your baby sleep were enough to make you want to relive that stage again.

    ap2jusi / Via

    18. But the memory of those nights wondering if you'll ever sleep again make you totally grateful for the stage you're in.

    arahronoh / Via