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15 Sneaky Things Parents Do That'll Make You Go, "Y'all Just Wrong."

Y'all wrong. Y'all just wrong.

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1. Throw away your kids' artwork sooner or later...or, ahem, sooner.


2. Lie about what your kids are really eating.

MommysWorkingOnIt / Via Twitter: @MommysWrknOnIt

3. Hide your snacks from your kids like, "mine, all mine."

rockcountywimomsblog / Via

4. Then totally turn around and sneak their snacks like, "mine, all mine."

kayy_w89 / Via

5. Take way too long to "seek" your kids, just to have some me time.

"Hmm... Where could they be?"
bettybhandari / Via

"Hmm... Where could they be?"

6. And blame your kids for sights, sounds, and smells that definitely aren't theirs.

Liam R / Via Twitter: @LMRushby

7. Stretch your kid's age to get them free admission to something.


8. Use your kids as an excuse to get out of something you just plain don't want to do.


9. Skip words, sentences, or whole freakin' pages in a bedtime story when you're just too tired.

emilychristinab / Via

10. And play the "Santa's watching" card whenever you damn well feel like it.

Jamie Houck-Bell / Via Twitter: @MakeupRocker

11. Throw away or hide an annoying toy and tell them it's lost or broken.


12. Pretend to be asleep when you're not so that they leave you the hell alone.

lolo_de_mayo / Via

13. Suggest the "quiet game" because you just can't take any more itty-bitty-person chatter.

Columbia Pictures

14. Let your partner do the disciplining, so you can be the "fun" parent.

Emma Blackham / Via Twitter: @emmamary4

15. And say "maybe" when you know damn well you mean "helllllllll no!"


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