15 Brutally Savage Cakes That Will Seriously Hurt Your Feelings

    Baked with a little bit of love and a whole lot of pettiness.

    1. This cake, which an employee gave to their coworkers on their last day of work:

    2. This cake, which proves you can't trust anyone:

    3. This birthday cake, which is judging you for still being single:

    4. This cake, which a wife lovingly gave to her husband for Valentine's Day:

    5. This cake, which comes with a unique challenge:

    6. This cake, which failed and won at the same time:

    7. And this cake, which just failed:

    8. This birthday cake, which a parent gave to their child:

    9. This cake, which could only be exchanged between besties:

    10. This goodbye cake, which isn't suggesting you aren't special, but:

    11. This cake, that a pair of savage parents used to celebrate their son's 23rd birthday:

    12. This cake, which has a strange way of wishing you happy birthday:

    13. This cake, which a group of colleagues gave to their coworker on their last day:

    14. This cake, which was one part dessert, two parts resignation:

    #HonestCakeMessages I once gave my notice on a cake. My boss said it had to be in writing and signed, he didn’t specify it had to be ink.

    15. And finally, this cake, which keeps it all the way one-hundred: