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    14 Photos That'll Make Moms That Breastfed Their Kids Say, "Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt"

    There is crying over spilled milk.

    1. This photo of a mom who finally found a position that works.

    2. This photo of a breastfeeding mom's shirt which can't hold on much longer.

    stepheluv / Instagram / Via

    But on the plus side, you go girl.

    3. This photo of a nursing baby who is clearly the boss here.

    omi_nai89 / Instagram / Via

    4. And this photo which proves that it's totally acceptable to cry over spilled milk.

    un_keish_the_beast / Via

    5. This photo of a mom stuck under her child just a few inches short of the promised land.

    probablytiredaf / Instagram / Via

    6. This photo of a baby who is having none of the small talk and he means it.

    mutiavni / Instagram / Via

    7. This photo of the time a nursing mom wished her dog was more of a shoe guy.

    nellyandwilson / Instagram / Via

    Take my Manolos! Anything but the nipple cream!

    8. This photo of that annoying boob leakage that always manages to happen when you're out in public.

    haileycimber / Instagram / Via

    "Mom life" for real.

    9. And this photo of a cabbage stuffed bra because that swollen nursing cleaveage is real.

    midwiferycare_nyc / Instagram / Via

    10. This photo of a kid who will take what he wants when he wants.

    kimber520 / Instagram / Via

    11. This photo of a mom using her nursing baby as a snack tray, because win-win, you guys.

    lifewlola / Instagram / Via

    12. This photo of a mom nursing twins who literally has all hands on deck.

    13. This photo, which is basically the before and after for all of us.

    ifnormaldidthis / Via

    14. And this photo, because at least our kids will appreciate our sacrifices.

    blossomandbodhi / Instagram / Via