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17 People Who Are Just Like, "Fuck It. I'm Starting Halloween Today."

Dear September, 'Bye, Felicia!'

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Too early for Halloween? Pfft, not according to these people, who just uploaded these Instagram photos:

1. The person who baked these seriously appetizing "axe murder cupcakes."

morganedwards1825 / Via

2. This woman, who went a little overboard with her makeup application this morning.

atonofelefun / Via

3. This Halloween lover, whose haircut is totally unbeweaveable.

Seriously, these are some mad barbering skills, yo.
hannahbee_choptops / Via

Seriously, these are some mad barbering skills, yo.

4. The cook, who started their day with this breakfast of champions.

Give me all the skull pancakes, guys.
rhiannon.xylina / Via

Give me all the skull pancakes, guys.

5. And this woman, who is really all of us when it comes to Halloween candy.

hyvee95thst / Via

6. The person with this creepy-ass head in their backseat like, "It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear!"

speissi06 / Via

7. The spooky soul who even got the cat in on the celebration.

purrsnickitty / Via

8. And whoever did this dog's...mani? Pedi? Mani-pedi?

stylist_vmontalvan / Via

9. The witchy woman rocking these creepy graveyard leggings because frightful fashion.

libra_queen_forever / Via

10. And definitely the person wearing these socks with Coach loafers like, "Who gon' check me, boo?"

That's commitment AF.
bex_te_nex / Via

That's commitment AF.

11. This Halloween lover, who is giving all the bone structure.

just_another_rand0 / Via

12. The woman rocking these bloodlusty claws — um, nails.

galanailbar / Via

13. And whoever has this random bag of doll parts just chillin' on their lawn fucking with the neighbors.

berry_urban / Via

14. The driver of this cadaverous carpool.

Where to, sir?
nya_ray / Via

Where to, sir?

15. The DIY-er behind these window dressings.

jamiecrosbyreeves / Via

16. The woman who got this bathroom ready for grisly guests.

jamiecrosbyreeves / Via

17. And whoever who was badass enough to immortalize the Sanderson sisters on their body, because Halloween is here to stay.

michaelpatricktattooist / Via

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