17 Moms Who Totally Summed Up Motherhood With One Hilarious Image

    A picture is worth a thousand cuss words.

    1. This mom, who's keeping the coffee close...like, really close:

    2. This mom, who got an unpleasant surprise, because kids:

    3. This mom, who walked in on this nightmarish scene:

    4. This mom, who knows that rest is in the eye of the beholder:

    5. This mom, whose kid is not at all here for her "me time":

    6. And this mom, whose backseat says more about motherhood than she ever could:

    7. This mom, who may have overestimated her son's aim:

    8. This mom, who knows that hidden household dangers lurk everywhere:

    9. This mom, who will have to do a little damage control:

    10. And this mom, who had to do a lot:

    11. This mom, whose kid got ahold of her phone when she wasn't looking:

    12. This mom, who put this real AF note up for guests:

    13. This mom, who proves that motherhood will totally fry your brain:

    14. And this mom, whose kid got into her makeup drawer and clearly didn't know how to use mascara:

    15. This mom, whose kiddo will throw a tantrum wherever she damn well feels like it:

    16. This mom, who naively let her kid hold a cup while sitting on her lap:

    17. And this mom, who knows the ultimate importance of finding a common ground: