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    16 Kids Who Really Don't Give A Damn If You Like Them Or Not

    If assholery was an art, these kids could teach a master class.

    1. This kid, who left an unpleasant conundrum for the next person:

    2. This kid, who was totally out for revenge:

    3. This kid, who made fun of their mom for not having a date:

    4. This kid, who has a unique welcome message for their new sibling:

    5. And this kid, who has cruel, cruel timing:

    6. This kid, who tasted every single nectarine on the counter and felt nothing:

    7. This kid, who's gonna watch their iPad in whatever position they please:

    8. This kid, who serves their science lessons with a side of savagery:

    9. This kid, who is not in the mood for your love notes:

    10. This kid, who gets a little territorial when it comes to pizza:

    11. This kid, who opened everything, and closed nothing:

    12. And this kid, who doesn't care how long you spent baking bread:

    13. This kid, who couldn't be bothered to put the tops back on:

    14. These kids, who went around the "no painting in the house" rule:

    15. This kid, who is literally flushing money down the toilet:

    16. And this kid, who masterminded a creepy ass scene that their parents will never, ever forget: