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    16 Totally Real Tweets That'll Make You Go, "Damn, Kids Are Gross!"

    They're lucky they're cute.

    1. This kid, who really didn't want to change their underwear:

    2. This kid, who answered a question we didn't ask:

    3. This kid, who didn't have the words but definitely had the guts:

    4. This kid, who is working on their table manners:

    5. And this kid, who is independent in all ways possible:

    6. This kid, who used their skivvies for entertainment purposes:

    7. This kid, who gives new meaning to the word "floatie:"

    8. This kid, who shared their snack unintentionally...or not?

    9. This kid, who forgot to keep their tongue to themselves:

    10. And this kid, who didn't eat it, tho:

    11. This kid, who needed answers:

    12. This kid who doesn't mind eating the same meal twice:

    13. And this kid, who's way too adventurous for their own good:

    14. This kid, whose wrinkles were well-earned:

    15. This kid, who doesn't need no stinkin' plate:

    16. And this kid, whose mom just about sums up what life with kids is really like: