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    Posted on Apr 22, 2018

    16 Totally Real Tweets That'll Make You Go, "Damn, Kids Are Gross!"

    They're lucky they're cute.

    1. This kid, who really didn't want to change their underwear:

    Lurkin' Mom / Via Twitter: @LurkAtHomeMom

    2. This kid, who answered a question we didn't ask:

    Hidethecookiejar / Via Twitter: @hidethecookie

    3. This kid, who didn't have the words but definitely had the guts:

    Jenny with a Y / Via Twitter: @Valress

    4. This kid, who is working on their table manners:

    Cult Mother Person / Via Twitter: @yazzymint

    5. And this kid, who is independent in all ways possible:

    Emma Morris / Via Twitter: @happyemzy

    6. This kid, who used their skivvies for entertainment purposes:

    your mom / Via Twitter: @eff_yeah_steph

    7. This kid, who gives new meaning to the word "floatie:"

    The Mrs. Man / Via Twitter: @carrie_rothman

    8. This kid, who shared their snack unintentionally...or not?

    Very Stable Genius Krysti / Via Twitter: @TheRuntSquad

    9. This kid, who forgot to keep their tongue to themselves:

    Christina Ferraro / Via Twitter: @ChrisFerraroCNP

    10. And this kid, who didn't eat it, tho:

    Evelyn Bysiek / Via Twitter: @EvelynBysiek

    11. This kid, who needed answers:

    Cassie Villela / Via Twitter: @amadoandroman

    12. This kid who doesn't mind eating the same meal twice:

    13. And this kid, who's way too adventurous for their own good:

    Lauren / Via Twitter: @ladyrich713

    14. This kid, whose wrinkles were well-earned:

    Tonya Morton / Via Twitter: @TonyaLouMorton

    15. This kid, who doesn't need no stinkin' plate:

    John Mac / Via Twitter: @johnmacfm

    16. And this kid, whose mom just about sums up what life with kids is really like:

    Lauren / Via Twitter: @ladyrich713

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