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    16 Husbands Whose Tweets Prove That Being Married To A Pregnant Woman Ain't Easy

    "My wife just threatened me with her hormones."

    1. This husband, who got a crash course in preggo hormones:

    2. This husband, who knows how to stock up on the essentials:

    3. This husband, who got a cold dose of honesty:

    4. And this husband, who's learned that no matter what happens to you, she has it worse:

    5. This husband, who knows what to compare sharing a bed with a pregnant woman to:

    6. This husband, who knows better than to touch that thermostat:

    7. This husband, who may have put on a few pounds during this pregnancy:

    8. This husband, whose dreams crashed into a very pregnant reality:

    9. And this husband, who has just learned a new meaning of "fill 'er up":

    10. This husband, who's finally out of the doghouse:

    11. This husband, who got an emergency call at work:

    12. This husband, who better not make any sudden moves:

    13. And this husband, who will never make any sudden moves again:

    14. This husband, who has to share his wife's affection:

    15. This husband, who knows when the end is near:

    16. And this husband, who is absolutely, positively, unquestionably a keeper:

    This man walked all the way to #RoyalFarms for these #KrispyCreme #Donuts in a middle of a #Blizzard for his #PregnantWife 6 in the morning😍

    Jordan Zeplin / Via Twitter: @sweetsjdh