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14 Hilarious Pregnancy Cravings That Are So Random It Hurts

What the baby wants, the baby gets.

1. This potato chip s'more, because new directions, guys.

gretchkins / Via

2. This avocado, chili powder, and ice cube bowl which has some serious 'splaining to do. / Via

I'm listening.

3. This peculiar sweet and salty midnight combo.

mamawinnruns / Via

No fucking rules.

4. This cottage cheese and mustard swirl sundae.

carried_away28 / Via

If you look at it long enough, it's almost a McFlurry?

5. And are those fried eggs on top of your glazed donuts?

Sherry VanBrocklin Zimmerman / Via

Girl, you crazy.

6. This bowl of scrambled eggs with BBQ baked beans.

Courtney Reyes - Feisty Fitness / Via Facebook:

7. These cheddar jalapeño Cheetos dipped in a peach milkshake.

Laken Hughes / Via

8. This well-arranged lunchtime snack-wich.

Ashley Walters Kinlaw / Via

BTW, I totally spy a pregnancy diet staple on that plate.

9. And this bowl of pasta with ranch dressing, because a sauce by any other name...

Sonu Sandhu / Via

10. This sour cream, fajita seasoning, and salt and pepper egg sandwich for international flavor.

Jennifer Lynn Swain Rendon / Via

11. This orange and hot sauce happy face for maximum dipping deliciousness.

__eneleajkrystal / Via

12. This hot dog which is curiously easy on the "dog" part.

Jenn Randall / Via

13. Oh, just a simple plate of lemons with salt, straight up.

Nina Akin / Via

14. And this mint chocolate chip Eggo waffle ice cream sandwich, which I'm totally making tonight.

Ian Reitz / Via Facebook: 121766267923379

Pregnant or not.

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