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    15 Hilarious Bosses Who Should Probably Have Their Phones Taken Away

    "I'm sitting in your chair and accidentally passed gas on purpose."

    1. This boss, who only makes you come in when they really need you:

    gjklwsjdprlrkfltktotlwkdkfyukb / Via

    2. This boss, who trusts you to help him stay on top of pop culture:

    melanieann7 / Via

    3. This boss, who thinks very highly of you:

    sarinahughes / Via

    4. This boss, who finds meaningful ways to show that they appreciate you:

    asleepby10pm / Via

    5. This boss, who cares about the company's reputation:

    6. This boss, who thinks of you at holiday time:

    teriann429 / Via

    7. And this boss, who is very responsible with the company's dime:

    jamisoncombs / Via

    8. This boss, who really, really needs their coffee:

    kslinger / Via

    9. This boss, who wants you to take care of yourself:

    senti_naro / Via

    10. This boss, who supports your work–life balance:

    instantgraham / Via

    11. This boss, who appreciates your honesty:

    brookebarr93 / Via

    12. And this boss, who is always looking out:

    13. This boss, who gives you the respect you deserve:

    kristina_hardin / Via

    14. This boss, who will not go unappreciated:

    kyliehigginb / Via

    15. And this boss, who always says exactly what they mean:

    huffmab / Via

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