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    17 People Share The Worst Thing Their Parents Caught Them Doing As A Kid And I'm Laughing So Hard

    "I stole some mail which had someone's credit card number on it...and used it to buy a coffin."

    Just about everyone can point to a time they got caught doing something really bad — and really weird! — as a kid.

    Well, Reddit user reddit_fool12 asked people to share the worst thing their parents ever caught them doing as a kid, and the responses range from the hilariously weird to the "WTF?!"

    1. "When I was about six, my friend and I were having a contest to see who could pee the furthest out of the third-story window, and some nosy lady across the street ratted us out to his parents before we got our answer. But I think I won."

    2. "I once got caught pooping in the trunk of my little sister's Barbie corvette."


    3. "When I was a kid, I once stole some mail which had someone's credit card number on it, and for some reason I used it to go online and buy a coffin. When the casket company called my house to confirm delivery, I got pulled out of school by my mom and yelled at for being a thief!"

    4. "I really wanted to color on the walls, but I knew better. And because I knew I would get in trouble for writing my name on the wall...I wrote my sister's. Turns out, when you try to frame someone, you have to make sure they are capable of doing what you're framing them for — and my parents didn't believe my 2-year-old sister could write her name quite yet.".


    5. "I found my mom's vibrator and got caught beating eggs with it. I licked it and everything."

    6. "My best friend and I found some porno magazines in a field behind his house, so he took them home. He would cut out images of the girls, stick them to the inside of his shower, and 'do the deed' while he showered before flushing the pictures. Well, eventually he was left with a porno magazine consisting of all men and the women all cut out. That's when his dad found them."

    "His dad didn't confront him about it for a few years — he just assumed he was gay."


    7. "When my parents were potty-training me, they made me stay naked from the waist down so that I had no choice but to use the toilet. Well, I once shat on the floor instead, hid the shit under the couch, and blamed the cats. We didn't have cats."

    8. "A few years ago, I caught my daughters in the garage spraying themselves with WD40 like it was Chanel No. 5."


    9. "When I was four, I wrapped my two-year-old brother's penis in masking tape because he said it was broken. He started crying as it turned purple, so I ran downstairs and grabbed a screwdriver. My mom walked in just seconds before I used it."

    10. "One morning, my dad caught me sitting on the kitchen counter drinking Hershey's syrup straight out of the can."


    11. "I was 10 years old when I was playing GTA San Andreas, which has a feature that allows you to pick up hookers for a 'fun time.' I didn't know what prostitution was, but I just happened to pick up a hooker in the game. Well, I was simply admiring the 'sound effects' the prostitute was making in the game when my mother walked in and said, 'Make it stop or turn it off!'"

    12. "I got caught peeing into the air vents on the floor."


    13. "When I was six, I took a giant poop then decided to get a pair of gloves and dissect it to see what all was in it. My mom caught me and gave me hell all the way through adulthood."

    14. "I got caught trying to see if my penis was long enough that I could suck it."


    15. "I was about five years old and playing in the backyard by myself. Things must have gotten CRAZY because I found myself making out with the basketball hoop pole when all of a sudden I heard my mom yell from the window, 'I can see you!'"

    16. "When my best friend and I were about five, my best friend’s mom caught us spanking each other’s bare asses."


    17. "When my friend was a little girl, she loved to empty her mom's purse and play with whatever was inside. Well, once she found a condom inside and thought it was a balloon — and her mom walked in to see her with the condom in her mouth, trying to blow it up. My friend immediately asked her mom why the balloon was so oily."

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.