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    22 People Share The Worst Thing They've Seen Someone Do At A Funeral, And People Are Really Something, Y'all

    "They pulled the body out of the casket and propped it up to take a photo with it."

    If you've ever attended a funeral, chances are you've probably seen someone do something inappropriate, random, or cringeworthy as hell:


    Well, Reddit user Bankrupt-R-Us asked people to share the worst thing they've ever seen happen at a funeral, and y'all, these are alllll of the above:

    1. "I once went to a funeral in which the ex of the deceased told us about all of the great things she did in bed, and what a loss for mankind that is. In front of her boyfriend."


    2. "I was at a funeral where someone's 7-year-old thought it would be funny to give the corpse a wet willy."

    "His family dragged him out and they didn't return."


    3. "My minister told me that he was once waiting in a room off the sanctuary before a funeral began, when he heard scuffling noises. When he went to investigate, he saw the siblings of the deceased had pulled the body out of the casket and propped it up between them to take a picture with it!"

    "They explained they didn't have a recent photo of the three of them, and they were delighted that my minister had shown up to take their picture!"


    4. "My uncle was pissed about something in my grandmother's will. So, during the funeral, he went out to the parking lot and keyed everyone's cars."

    5. "I was at a funeral in which a guy showed up disguised as a nun, pulled a gun out of his habit, and tried to shoot the deceased's son! Well, the gun malfunctioned and didn't fire, so the son decked the nun, knocking him out, and then began kicking him before family members pulled him off and called the police."

    "Turned out, the deceased owed the nun quite a bit of money, and the son refused to honor the debt."


    6. "My mother-in-law took a photo of a wine glass during my mother's post-funeral lunch, and she posted it on Facebook. Her caption? 'Life is grand.'"


    7. "I took my ex with me to my grandma's funeral for moral support, as I was very close to my grandma. Well, my ex likes to cosplay as rock stars, and even though I asked him to tone it down for the funeral, he still showed up wearing a big, black theatrical trench coat, a red shirt that he left half unbuttoned, a bunch of giant cross necklaces, and some Nikki Sixx makeup..."

    "When I asked him to please change, he said I was acting like his controlling mother. And, of course, all of my little, God-fearing grandma's church friends were glaring and whispering about him the entire time. Oh, and he signed her funeral guestbook as 'Alice Cooper.'"


    8. "I went to the funeral of a coworker's fiancé, and her ex showed up. Well, as everyone was lined up to say goodbye, we all witnessed this deceased woman's ex lean into the coffin and kiss her on the front of her fiancé."

    "Her brothers quite literally threw him out!"


    9. "We were at my grandfather's viewing, and my aunt started stealing from the crematorium the second the employees' backs were turned. She was literally shoving anything that wasn't nailed down into her purse and pockets!"

    "We made her put everything back, though."


    10. "At my husband's great-aunt's funeral, her granddaughters were hiding behind a tombstone doing coke."


    11. "We were at my Gran's sister's funeral, and my Gran was suffering from dementia. Well, she lost patience with the celebrant while she was reading and yelled at the top of her lungs, 'Oh, will she just bloody shut up?!' My mom was mortified."


    12. "At my grandma's funeral, my uncle's phone went off, and his ringtone was 'Hooked on a Feeling.' So, everything was quiet, and then all of a sudden we heard, 'Ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga...'"


    13. "When my mother's uncle died, my 8-year-old cousin cried a lot at the funeral. To help him calm down, his parents took him for a little walk around the cemetery...where he noticed his name written on one of the tombstones!"


    "When he mentioned it, a bystander said, 'Yeah, it's already reserved for you,' and he immediately started crying again."


    14. "I saw someone propose. I think you can guess her answer."


    15. "I was at a funeral where the stepfather of the deceased was handing out business cards! It almost caused a fistfight!"


    16. "At my grandpa's funeral, my uncle went around asking for money for his now-widowed mother. Well, he collected about $500 in donations, and he pocketed it! My grandma didn't get shit."



    17. "The priest called the deceased 'full of sin' and refused his final request to have his dog's ashes buried with him. His son snuck the ashes in with him anyway."


    18. "My mom passed two days before my first child was born. Eleven years later, I was five months pregnant with my second child when my father passed. Well, someone approached me at the funeral and said, 'You should stop having kids — it's bad luck for your family.'"


    19. "At my father's funeral, one of my aunts asked my mom when she would get out of the house."


    20. "A friend of the family showed up to the service drunk and went around sloppily hugging everyone and slurring her condolences before tripping over a settee in the funeral home and face planting."


    21. "At my grandfather's funeral, we witnessed my uncle flirting relentlessly with one of the funeral home employees."


    And finally, not something someone did, but something that happened to someone at a funeral which was really, really unfortunate:

    22. "My uncle was cremated, and he wanted his ashes spread on a little island on the lake across from his house. I was tasked with swimming with the urn from the boat to the island, holding it out of the water...


    "Well, when I got to the island, I opened the urn to dump the ashes, and just as I did so, the wind picked up and blew the ashes all over my wet body! Worst thing to ever happen to me."


    What about you? Have you ever witnessed someone do something inappropriate, random, or totally bizarre at a funeral? Tell us about it in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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