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    Updated on Jul 3, 2020. Posted on Jul 1, 2020

    16 Laundry Fails That Don't Just Hurt, They REALLY Hurt

    Laundry is not for the faint of heart.

    1. This person, who put a tad bit too much soap in the washing machine:

    2. This person, who accidentally shrunk her sweater in the dryer to a doll size:

    3. This person, who accidentally washed an entire box of Kleenex with their laundry:

    4. This person, whose beanie came out of the dryer like this:

    5. This person, who thought they could wash their shoes uneventfully:

    6. This person, who forgot to separate the whites and the colors, so everything came out pinkety pink:

    7. This person, who tried to wash their pillow and, well...failed a little:

    8. And this person, who just wanted to wash their couch cushions and failed a lot:

    9. This person, who hadn't emptied the lint trap in so long that they found enough lint to make a scarf:

    10. This person, who tried to wash their pleather jacket, and it came out like this:

    11. This person, who accidentally spilled their entire bottle of detergent on the floor:

    12. This person, whose deck of cards somehow ended up in the wash:

    13. This person, whose blanket didn't wash as easily as they thought it would:

    14. This person, who somehow managed to accidentally wash a box of nails with their laundry:

    15. This person, who accidentally dried the whole box of dryer sheets in the dryer with the clothes:

    16. And this person who learned on their first day of doing laundry that they might not be cut out for it after all:

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