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    25 Cringeworthy, Inappropriate, And Sexist Things Women's Bosses Said To Them That Made My Blood Boil

    "My old manager once asked me why I'm gay, and proceeded to explain that he could help me 'go back' if I wanted to."

    Not too long ago, we did a series of posts sharing the unbelievably insulting and cringeworthy things people's bosses have said to them (see them here and here), and it's no surprise that many of these were shared by women.


    Well, more women chimed in with their own experiences in the comments sections of those posts, so we compiled the most jaw-dropping new responses (plus some of the wildest from the previous posts):

    1. "I worked at Chuck E. Cheese when I was a senior in high school, and my thirtysomething male boss told me I should find another place to wear my name tag because placing it on my chest was 'distracting.' I snapped back, 'Where should I wear it, on my back?' And he replied that I was 'just as distracting from the back.'


    "I didn't know my rights, so I never said anything. Twenty years later, it still gives me a punch in the gut when I think about it."


    2. "My boss told me I 'dropped the ball' by going into labor on my due date."


    3. "I was working as a bakery manager for a gas station, and my shift started at 4:30 a.m. with me getting the station's breakfast ready. Well, I clocked in one morning five minutes late, and my boss said, 'You know, there are plenty of jobs you can get lying on your back.' I clocked out, went home, and filed a complaint."


    4. "I asked for a raise, and my boss told me I didn't need one because my boyfriend made enough for the two of us."

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    5. "My old manager once asked me why I'm gay, and proceeded to explain that he could help me 'go back' if I wanted to."


    6. "I was told that a project I was managing was being given to a male colleague because it was more of a 'man's project.'"


    7. "My female boss, another colleague, and I were discussing the stress of my workload when my boss looked me square in the eye and said, 'You just need to get some penis.'"



    8. "One day our area manager came into my workplace, stared at my chest, and said, 'I see why you got the job.'"


    9. "I was the only woman in a small male office, and a coworker told me to be 'less aggressive' DURING A MEETING I WAS LEADING!

    "I was being constantly interrupted and having my own job mansplained to me by my entry-level male coworkers, but apparently my being 'aggressive' was upsetting to them."


    10. "I had to get an emergency hysterectomy, and my boss told me that if I went through with the surgery, my man would leave me because I'd be a 'useless woman.'"



    11. "I did something right at work, and my male boss said, 'Good girl.'

    "I responded by asking if he wanted me to play fetch and roll over, and I got in trouble for being a smart-ass."


    12. "I was an apprentice at a tattoo shop, and I asked, 'Anything else you need me to do before I go?' The shop's owner replied, 'Stand in front of us and jump up and down.'"


    13. "I asked to use my lunch break to go breastfeed my newborn at her daycare, and my boss responded, 'I don't understand why you breastfeed anyway. Seriously, is it that much better than formula? My kids all had formula, and they're fine!'"



    14. "'You are great at your job, but you are not pretty enough to think that should get you anywhere.'"


    15. "My boss asked me to shop around for some new chairs for our conference room, telling me to 'put [my] wife hat on and figure it out.'"


    16. "When I was 16 years old, I worked at a fast-food restaurant. One day, I was on my knees trying to fix something when my manager walked in to give the new staff members a tour and said, 'A typical woman β€” always on her knees.'

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    "I was a shy kid, and I never said anything to anyone about it so as not to cause any trouble, but after I quit that job, I heard that he got suspended for inappropriate comments to other women. I wish so much that I had the confidence back then to report him!"


    17. "I'm an attorney, and my boss told a female colleague and me that our priorities should be at home with our children and that we should be solely responsible for their childcare.

    "There was absolutely no mention of the men who helped make the babies."


    18. "My old boss told me that I would make an amazing secretary for my looks alone. I'm a systems analyst."


    19. "My female coworker and I were prepping for the lunch shift at a restaurant when the male general manager walked over and said, 'You know, I had a dream about you two last night.' Then he paused and said, 'No, I probably shouldn't tell you about it,' smiled to himself, and walked away. We were so appalled and disgusted that we just stood there, stunned."


    20. "My boss is aware that my husband and I have fertility issues, and she said, 'You should be happy you can't have kids. I just spent my mortgage on things for mine to do!'"


    21. "I wear a hijab, and my former boss once said that I'd look so much prettier without that towel on my head."


    22. "My boss was constantly questioning if motherhood was going to prohibit me from doing my job. It never did β€” I even answered his emails on weekends, which my male colleagues never did. Yet whenever I took vacation, or even when I had to take a half day off to have possible skin cancer removed, he blamed it on the fact that I'm a mom!


    "After one particularly demeaning chastisement because I took three days of vacation β€” after not taking vacation for over a year, mind you β€” I quit on the spot and never looked back."


    23. "I went back to work after a long period off after losing my daughter, and my manager said, 'Don't worry β€” you're still young enough to have another.'"


    24. "My male boss said to me and the female salon manager, 'Don't things work so much better when women think they have all the ideas?!'

    "Friday is my last day."


    And finally:

    25. "'If I'd known you had tattoos, I probably wouldn't have hired you.'"



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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.