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    17 Wives Who Are Unapologetically Weird, And Their Spouses Love Them For It

    For better, for worse, for weird as hell.

    1. This wife, whose husband wanted seconds of her Swedish meatballs, and she gave them to him like this:

    2. This wife, who changed the Ring doorbell title from "front door" to, well, something else:

    3. This wife, who had a hilarious interpretation of a common saying:

    4. This wife, whose craftiness gets a little, er, unusual:

    5. This wife, who travels with all the essentials — toiletries, bandages, dinosaur hands:

    6. This wife, who made her husband "butt muffins:"

    7. This wife, who likes to eat peanut butter on her cheese pizza:

    8. This wife, who made her husband breakfast in bed and cut the watermelon into some very interesting shapes:

    9. And this wife, who planned to make a pineapple upside-down cake and took it a little too seriously:

    10. This wife, who eats her burgers like this:

    11. This wife, who knows what to get really, really excited about:

    12. This wife, who eats sherbet like this:

    13. This wife, who slides her husband love notes at inopportune times:

    14. This wife, who maaaaaaay have taken a bite out of a stick of butter:

    15. This wife, who prefers to eat her bread with a fork:

    16. This wife, who eats pumpkin pie like this:

    17. And this wife, who knows a hilariously weird joke when she tells it:

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