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17 Wives Who Pranked Their Husbands So Good You'll Totally Aspire To Be On Their Level

Wives, 1. Husbands, 0.

1. This wife, who fulfilled her husband's request for "a little something to eat":

werezombie / Via

2. This wife, who left her husband a subtle love note on the morning of his vasectomy:

gwu_mrw / Via

3. And this wife, who was clear about how she felt when her husband forgot to empty the diaper pail:

essentialmermaid / Via

That'll teach him.

4. This wife, who made her husband the ripped jeans he begged her for:

tobzdenton / Via

5. This wife, who intentionally mismatched all of her husband's socks after he made fun of her OCD:

thesubtlemummy / Via

You go, girl.

6. And this wife, who anticipated his middle-of-the-night bathroom trip and decided to make it more interesting:

landondmise / Via

7. This wife, who went with a double entendre on her husband's 40th birthday cake.

charliewarlieeee / Via

Our research says the message means something along the lines of "old prick" in Dutch, which is pretty freakin' hilarious on a penis cake.

8. This wife, who woke her husband up to tell him about the "leak" in the bathtub:

lcw42069 / Via

9. This wife, who just plain scared the shit out of her husband in the middle of the night:

micha_edie / Via

10. This wife, who brought her husband back some dessert:

udithprietht / Via

11. And this wife, who fulfilled her husband's request for it to be sexier in the bedroom:

abundantathena / Via

12. This wife, who packed her husband's lunch with ultra-feminine care:

gloriastephanierios / Via

13. This wife, who ordered a pizza using the first name "Sexual" for her husband to pick up:

shaneeakes / Via

14. This wife, who put this sign over the bathroom door to get her point across:

prismatic_lyfe / Via

15. And this wife, who wrote words of admiration on his sandwich bags to, um, stimulate lunchroom conversation:

cortbecher / Via

16. This wife, who added her husband to a few mailing lists:

@_Grava_d / Via Twitter: @SiouxweetNSauer

"Text STOP to unsubscribe."

17. And this wife, who gets my vote for prankster wife of the millennium:

Missi Wimberly / Via Twitter: @missiwimberly

What I would give to have watched him dial...

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