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    17 Wives Who Didn't Know These Were Fails Until Too Late

    No one said being a wife was easy.

    1. This wife, whose sheet cake came out a little harder than she planned:

    2. This wife, who accidentally ran over her husband's phone with her car:

    3. This wife, who brought home pizza...and then dropped it:

    4. This wife, who gave her husband a haircut:

    5. This wife, who left her husband a sweet shower message that looked more like a murder scene:

    6. This wife, who did her husband's laundry and made a little faux pas:

    7. And this wife, who forgot an important ingredient in the PB&J:

    8. This wife, who isn't the best at applying sunscreen:

    9. This wife, who washed her husband's clothes and forgot to take his business cards out of his pocket:

    10. And this wife, who tried to wash her husband's pillow and wasn't any more successful:

    11. This wife, who accidentally gave her husband the dog's food instead of his leftovers:

    12. This wife, who just wanted to make her husband some muffins:

    13. This wife, who tried to make her husband a birthday cake:

    14. This wife, who couldn't figure out why the underwear she bought her husband were so tight:

    15. This wife, who meant to spell out "Happy BDay" but forgot a letter:

    16. This wife, who accidentally gave her husband the hummingbird food instead of his tea:

    17. And this wife, who fixed a hole in her husband's pants in a way he will never forget: