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    What Chrissy Teigen Wants For Mother's Day Is The Realest Thing I've Heard In A While

    Keeping it real is her love language.

    You all know Chrissy Teigen β€” supermodel momma, wife of John Legend, cookbook author, and taker of no prisoners ever on the internet.

    Well, I sat down with the mom of two β€” who recently partnered with Pampers in designing an adorable set of diapers called the "Chrissy Pack" β€” to chat about parenthood and what she actually wants for Mother's Day.


    Pampers Chrissy Packs are exclusively available at Target, and the diapers have cute prints on them of bulldogs or pretzels. Why pretzels? "I eat pretzels and pork rinds all day, and pretzels are cuter than pork rinds, so we went with that," Chrissy told BuzzFeed.

    And because nothing about her as a mom is typical β€” and TBH, that's why we love her! β€” of course, what she wants for Mother's Day isn't either.

    So Chrissy, have you thought about what you want for Mother's Day?

    We all know that you have a daughter, Luna, and a son, Miles. What would you say are the main differences in their personalities so far?

    The toddler menu you made for your Luna was pure genius, and many of our readers copied your idea for their own kids. What do you think of all the positive feedback it got?

    I made a restaurant for my 2 and a half year old

    "That's awesome! All toddlers want is a say in everything. They're very much about having the choice of yes or no. So if you make them think that they're getting a choice, that changes everything. Luna eats more when she gets to 'decide.' I even raise the prices sometimes, and she's intrigued by that!"

    Have you come up with any other brilliant parenting hacks our readers might want to use with their kids?

    What advice can you give to new moms who are struggling to figure this whole parenting thing out?

    And lastly, what's been your favorite or funniest moment of motherhood so far?

    Well, keep up the good mommy work, Chrissy! And happy Mother's Day! ~Don't worry, you don't have to respond β€” we know you have your hands full.~


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