27 Extremely Ridiculous Bucket List Things People Actually Want To Do

    "Wear a face mask made out of Chick-fil-A sauce."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest thing they have on their bucket list and they definitely delivered:

    1. "Before I die, I want to treat myself with a face mask made out of Chick-fil-A sauce."

    2. "Crash a total stranger's wedding, then stand up and object at the ceremony."

    3. "I want to have dirty, epic sex to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music."

    4. "I've always wanted to literally dropkick someone, just because."

    5. "I want to sleep in a coffin for a night."

    6. "I'm dying to run into a store frantically screaming, 'WHAT YEAR IS IT?!'"

    7. "Have sex in a church confessional booth."

    8. "I want to go to Starbucks and wait until they call someone's name, then stand up, say 'I volunteer,' and walk away with their coffee."

    9. "Five guys at once."

    10. "I want to eat a tarantula from the Amazon rainforest. Like, actually travel to Brazil, find a tarantula, roast it over the fire like a marshmallow, and eat it."

    11. "I really want to punch someone in the face for no reason."

    12. "Do a bungee jump while wearing a clown suit and honk my horn when I get to the bottom."

    13. "I really want to play a dead body on a crime drama, preferably NCIS."

    14. "I want to put orange cones on a random street and control traffic for a day."

    15. "Train a dog to react to Harry Potter spells."

    16. "To steal a Chick-fil-A cow from a billboard. I don't even know why."

    17. "Hire two private investigators and get them to follow each other."

    18. "I really want to see a ghost."

    19. "Get tased or pepper sprayed, just to know what it feels like."

    20. "To one day fill one of those squirt bottles of mayo with vanilla pudding, go to a public place, and start squirting huge amounts into my mouth to see how people react."

    21. "I want to be bitten by a shark. Not to die, but just to have a cool scar!"

    22. "I want to go to another country where I don't know the language and stand in the middle of town unable to understand what anyone is saying."

    23. "I want to stick the tip of a whipped cream can up my butt and release the air to see if my intestines explode or if I'll just get gassy. When I'm like 75, that is."

    24. "I've always wanted a wax figure done of myself."

    25. "To be inside the Snoopy costume at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade."

    26. "Squish a watermelon with my thighs."

    27. "I want to hug a full-sized grizzly bear. They look so soft and cuddly! But that'll have to be the final item on my bucket list... because it’s probably the last thing I’ll ever do."

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.