14 People Who Pulled Off Wedding Pranks They May Never Be Forgiven For

    "We put a bunch of glitter in the air vents of my brother's getaway car and turned the air conditioner on high."

    We recently shared some seriously epic wedding pranks people have managed to pull off on their friends and family, and they were funny, entertaining, and just plain wrong:

    Well, we asked readers to tell us in the comments about the ruthless wedding pranks they've seen, and their stories proved that it be your own fam, y'all:

    1. "We put a bunch of glitter in the air vents of my brother's getaway car and turned the air conditioner on high. So when they started the car, the happy couple was bombarded with glitter."

    2. "On my wedding day, my father, grandfather, and the groom were supposed to pick up the flowers. Well, they got tired of members of my entourage texting them to not forget, so they decided to get revenge by asking the florist to make a copy of my bridal bouquet OUT OF DEAD FLOWERS!"

    "Knowing their sense of humor, I didn't fall for it for one second, but my poor grandmother — who ordered the flowers as a gift for me — was HORRIFIED! This sweet little lady who I'd never seen angry before swelled up with rage and yelled, 'That is NOT what I ordered!' But we eventually ended up having a good laugh over it. And my aunt even ended up carrying that awful bouquet in the wedding!"


    3. "When my uncle got married, my dad snuck into his luggage and replaced every piece of his underwear with women's underwear — thongs, lacy cheek undies, and granny panties!"

    4. "After my wedding, all the guests threw birdseed at me and my husband. But not my dad — he dumped an ENTIRE 5-GALLON BUCKET of it on my head!"

    "Taking off my wedding dress that night was....interesting."


    5. "When the pastor asked if anyone objected at my wedding, a video of all the groomsmen started playing in which they each listed a different reason why we shouldn't get married."

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    "My husband and I thought it was hilarious!"


    6. "My family has a tradition in which the cousins of the bride or groom prank the couple for the honeymoon. Well, when my parents got married, my uncle replaced their honeymoon clothes with clown suits!"


    7. "We drew dicks in washable car paint all over my brother and his wife's getaway car and attached mini bananas with condoms on them to it."

    8. "My brother's wife's family surrounded them at their wedding, grabbed them, then started tossing them in the air and catching them, over and over."


    9. "After my cousin's wedding, I sent a 'congratulations' cake to the room they were staying in. It was a cake for 50 people, and we included plates and utensils. They came back from their outing expecting 50 people to jump out and surprise them."

    10. "Our wedding party bought out all of the local stores of their confetti, stuffed their pockets with it without telling us, and threw it as we were officially announced to our guests. All I could think at the time was, 'Well, we're not getting our cleaning deposit back.'"

    "But it turned into my absolute favorite picture from our wedding."


    11. "My siblings and I were raised in a conservative religious home, so we always find it funny to prank each other with wedding gifts that are sexual in nature — one of my brothers got a cock ring, and I got a Kama Sutra. But my favorite was the jack-in-the-box that popped up full of condoms that flew everywhere!"

    12. "Toward the end of my ceremony, my dad handed my brother a letter to read. He panicked, thinking my dad was doing a jerky thing, only to open it and see that it was letter from a famous close friend of my dad's, accompanied with a rad comic art piece addressed to my parents to congratulate my birth."

    "My dad had already asked me if he could do it, but my brother and spouse's faces were truly amazing!"


    13. "I iced my husband during our first look! The groomsmen and my dad had to help me work it out, but the look on his face was worth it!"


    14. "My sister-in-law's family covered their wedding getaway car in wet flour. They even had to keep the location where they'd spend their first night together a secret so no one would prank them there, too!"

    Some comments have been edited for length and clarity.