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19 Brides Who Really, Really Need A Hug

"It's the best day of your life," they said.

1. This bride, who ordered her wedding dress on the internet and, well, paid the price:

2. This bride, who parked the getaway car in the wrong spot:

3. This bride, who dropped the top tier of her wedding cake:

4. This bride, who just wanted her wedding day Frappuccino to be special:

5. This bride, whose groom forgot his pants:

6. And this bride, whose fairy-tale castle wedding cake looked like it had penises on it:

7. This bride, who got a mosquito bite in the middle of her forehead the night before her wedding:

8. This bride, whose ex thinks he's clever:

9. This bride, whose husband-to-be left the security censor on his suit:

10. This bride, who forgot to decorate — and wash — her getaway car:

11. This bride, who left her cake within her frosting-loving dog's reach:

12. And this bride, whose cat chose a comfy spot right on top of her dress:

13. This bride, whose maid of honor threw glitter at her as she came down the aisle:

14. This bride, who thought she ordered wedding invitations, but received baby shower invitations instead:

15. This bride, whose groom forgot to take the price tags off his shoes:

16. And this bride, whose groom forgot to order the groom's cake:

17. This bride, whose photographer's lens broke during the ceremony:

18. This bride, whose baker made a mistake on the cake:

19. And this bride, who had a little too much fun during cocktail hour, but it's her day?