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    15 Parents Who Will One Day Look Upon These Hysterical Mistakes And, Well, Still Cringe

    These fails will keep these parents humble as hell.

    1. This mom, who meant really, really well, but her cinnamon buns turned out like this:

    2. This mom, who has a mildly infuriating way of putting away puzzles:

    3. This dad, who was sanitizing their kid's binkies and sippy cup tops, and somehow managed to accidentally fuse them to one of their best pots:

    4. This mom, who tried to make croissants for her kids, but they turned out looking a little — OK, a lot — phallic:

    5. This mom, who somehow managed to melt her child's lunchbox:

    6. This mom, who tried to make a Bluey-inspired "duck cake," and, well, it turned out like this:

    7. This mom, who bought something that has this mysterious phrase on the package:

    The item description on the package ends with "cum absorber"

    8. This mom, who had a major microwave fail while cooking with her kids:

    9. And this dad, who used dish soap instead of dishwashing detergent, and this happened:

    10. This mom, who didn't give the toy she bought the dog quite enough thought:

    The dog with its toy looks like its holding a penis in its mouth

    11. This mom, who clearly doesn't know how to "split" a piece of pizza:

    12. This dad, who turned his back on his toddler for a second, and this happened:

    13. This mom, who forgot the yeast when making bread:

    14. This mom, who forgot that her kids had lost their front teeth, and made corn on the cob for dinner:

    15. And lastly, this mom, who tried to make cupcakes, and probably never, ever will again: