23 Kids Whose Questions Legitimately — And Hilariously — Stumped Their Parents

    "Why doesn't Spider-Man shoot webs out of his butt like a normal spider?"

    If there's one thing toddlers and little kids are known for, it's asking alllll the questions.

    Well, Reddit user rivergame asked parents to share the question their little kid asked that even Google couldn't answer, and these are adorable, random, and pretty freakin' genius:

    1. "Dad, what if my nuts were Pop Rocks and they made my penis sparkle?"

    2. "My little cousin once asked why Spider-Man doesn't shoot webs out of his butt like a normal spider. I still don't have an answer for him."


    3. "'Why is green?' My daughter asked. Not 'Why is X green?' Just, 'Why is green?'"


    4. "My daughter asked me if employees come to work on their day off, whether they use the employee bathroom or the customer bathroom."

    5. "When passing a cemetery, my kid asked me, 'Why do we keep dead people?'"


    6. "My toddlers are easy — it's my 6- and 7-year-olds that throw the weird shit at me. The other day, my 7-year-old asked me, 'How do we know that some houses actually have real people in them and aren't really just full of plastic cutouts that look like people?'"


    7. "If there really were dragons, what would they cost?"

    8. "When my daughter was 4 or 5, she'd get on a 'why?' roll. She would just get that little mouth motor warmed up and rapid-fire questions without ever waiting for an answer. So one day, in a bit of frustration, I asked her, 'Why do you ask so many questions?' She looked at me and said, 'Why do I?' And that was that."


    9. "Do caterpillars burp?"


    10. "My kid asked me, 'What's your favorite stairs?' Two weeks later, I'm still confused."

    11. "My niece asked me who the first mother was. I was confused and asked, 'What do you mean? Your mother's mother?' And she went, 'No, my mother's mother had a mother, and then she had a mother too, but how far does it go — who was the first mother?'"


    12. "Can our dog become the president one day?"


    13. "When I was on leave from the army, my 5-year-old niece asked me, 'What is war?' Shit, kid, I don't even know the answer."

    14. "My 4-year-old cousin asked me, 'What's the best paper?' Months later, I'm still wondering what he meant."


    15. "'Mom, why don't I have a pee hose like the boys?' I laughed so hard I couldn't come up with a legit answer."


    16. "At 4 years old, she asked me, 'Why is happiness important?' Turns out it's a surprisingly difficult question to answer."

    17. "'Mummy, why are we alive?' Man, it's not even 8 a.m.!"


    18. "'Why do we put one leg forward and one leg back when we walk? Why can't both legs go together?' Clearly my 3-year-old was a kangaroo in a past life."


    19. "My little cousin asked me, 'How do we see such big trees with such little eyes?'"

    20. "My kid asked, 'Who got to name things? Did George Washington just point to something and go, 'This is called a chair'?'"


    21. "In front of the entire class, my first-grader asked, 'Why does the tooth fairy want my teeth?' Thirty 6-year-olds looked at me for the answer."


    22. "What does spider poop look like?"


    23. "'Come on, baby, it's time to get dressed and get out of bed,' I said to my kid. They responded, 'We do this every day. Why, Mama?' Good point."

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.