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    17 Cringeworthy Things Men Said To Their Pregnant Partners That'll Make You Facepalm On Their Behalf

    "He looked at my stretch marks and said, 'It looks like you got into a fight with a bear and lost.'"

    Let's face it — if you've ever been pregnant, there's a good chance your partner said a bonehead thing or two during that very special nine months.

    Well, a recent Reddit thread asked women to share the most tone-deaf thing their partner ever said to them while they were pregnant, and you'll roll your eyes and go, "Just throw the whole man away!"

    1. "I'm eight months pregnant and said, 'Look, my belly is all baby!' and he said, ' and cake.'"


    2. "My partner looked at my stretch marks and said, 'It looks like you got into a fight with a bear and lost.'"


    3. "My man said, 'It's like you're getting bigger, like, every day.' Yes, that's how it works."

    4. "No way you can be sick this early on."


    5. "Not my partner, but my father-in-law said, 'I had kidney stones, so I know what labor feels like.' Bye, bitch."


    6. "I was having back pain and asked him for a massage. He responded, 'If you can't handle back pain, how are you going to handle pushing out the baby?' I never wanted to punch him in the throat more than in that moment."

    7. "After I complained about how big I was at seven months, he said, 'Oh sweetie, you're not a whale yet.'"


    8. "My husband was constantly saying, 'WE are pregnant. It's not just YOU going through this.' Actually, Husband, physically it's ALL me."


    9. "Will I be able to milk you like a cow?"

    10. "I had hyperemesis gravidarum (terrible morning sickness), and my partner said, 'It's mind over matter.'"


    11. "I hadn't been able to see well enough to shave in about a month, and he said, 'You've got a jungle down there.'"


    12. "I had gotten home at 8 a.m. after working 13 hours on my feet, and he rolled over — having just slept eight hours — and said, 'Good morning, wanna rub my back?' And that, officer, is when I knew I had to kill him."

    13. "'Even at your fattest, I would still do you.' I just LOL'd."


    14. "One time my husband complained that he had to give a SALIVA sample for a genetic test during my pregnancy."


    15. "He said that his paternity leave was going to be a vacation."

    16. "The other day my husband said, 'Isn't it so great that I'm so tolerant of you barfing around me all the time and I don't chain-reaction barf or anything?' Slow👏 clap👏 for👏 you👏."


    17. "I'm tired too."

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.