These 14 Moms Roasted The Shit Out Of Their Kids And Their Kids Lived To Tweet About It

    They're unapologetic AF.

    1. They're telling it like it is.

    2. They're going for the knockout.

    3. They're making sure your head doesn't get too big.

    4. They're like mirrors, really.

    5. They're not calling you ugly, but...

    6. They're throwing backdoor shade.

    7. And they're ready with the comebacks, so don't even try it.

    8. They're being brutally honest about your prospects.

    9. They're definitely calling you lazy AF.

    10. And they're throwing your digs right back at you.

    11. They're not saying you're not talented, but...

    12. They're side-eyeing your sex appeal.

    13. They're destroying your euphemisms.

    14. And they're reminding you who the fuck they are.