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    34 Unbelievably Funny Photos Of Kids That Their Parents Caught On Their Phones

    They're pretty damn cute, too.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the funniest picture of their kid they have on their phone and the photos they shared were freakin' hilarious:

    1. This kiddo, who just couldn't resist a little boost.

    2. This kid, who gave his parent a little superhuman driving help.

    3. This baby, who's already heard enough.

    4. These little guys, who are just like, "who TF is this dude, and why does he have my face?"

    5. This kid, who's just discovered the magic of junk food and is never going back.

    6. This kiddo, who isn't so sure about this primitive device.

    7. And this little girl, who definitely won't be riding this one again.

    8. This little guy, who is taken aback by the cost of dry-cleaning these days.

    9. This cutie, who may have overdone it a little on the Caprisun.

    10. This kiddo, who will YOLO his way through all the cabinets if you let him.

    11. These kids, who are none the wiser.

    12. This kid, who's not so sure about this group.

    13. This baby, who's already mastered the art of comedic timing.

    14. And this kid, who tried, he really tried.

    15. This little man, who knows that making a face helps it come out easier.

    16. This little one, who looks a bit familiar.

    17. This baby, who does a mean Popeye impression.

    18. And this kiddo, who made the most of his ice cream date.

    19. This kid, who wasn't told she'd have to wear the suit too.

    20. This little girl, who wasn't ready to commit.

    21. This little girl, who is rightfully fucking terrified by that Annabelle doll.

    22. And is anyone else mentally photoshopping a machete into this baby's right hand?

    23. These kids, who are proof of the importance of filter choice.

    24. This cutie, who didn't think it would go down like this.

    25. This newborn baby, who didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.

    26. And don't we all deserve a partner who looks at us the way this kid looks at a short stack?

    27. These kids, who will never trust their parents again.

    28. This cutie, who got peanut butter wasted and passed out.

    29. This sweet kiddo, who makes a headless mannequin family complete.

    30. This kid, who just had to try it.

    31. This kiddo, who will scratch what he wants when he wants.

    32. This big brother, who loves his sister so much it hurts.

    33. This kid, who's a little mature for his age.

    34. And this little girl, who is all of us during Monopoly...and life, really.

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