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    25 Women Got Real About The Times Being Pregnant Left Them Shocked

    "I lost all of my body hair during pregnancy — years later, I still only have hair on my head and face!"

    We recently shared a post in which women told us the most surprising thing about pregnancy, and their responses were super honest and real:

    Woman staring into the camera and looking shocked in response to text: "I was surprised at the places I got stretch marks, like my vulva!"

    Well, more women chimed in with their own surprising pregnancy experiences in the comments section, and these are their stories:

    1. "I lost all of my body hair during pregnancy. Four years later, I still only have hair on my head and face. Everywhere else is as smooth as a baby's bottom!"

    2. "I had something my midwives called 'lightning crotch,' when the baby starts to position itself into the birth canal and the head hits bundles of nerves in your crotch region. It feels like sharp, hot needle stabs, and it happens out of nowhere!"

    "I was working full time as a restaurant manager, and I would literally be walking to a table with plates of food and almost hit the floor from the zing of pain."


    3. "I was surprised that baby hiccups in the womb tickle so much — I had to step outside of a meeting once just to laugh!"


    4. "Everyone talks about weird cravings, but no one told me those cravings wouldn't necessarily be food-related. I craved that gross old basement smell to the point where I cried that I couldn't eat it!"

    5. "The intense, vivid, and random dreams (and nightmares!). I woke up almost every morning thinking, 'OMG, I had the craziest dream!'"

    —Diana Edielski, Facebook

    6. "That you can be allergic to your baby! Turns out in very rare cases, you can have an allergic reaction to the combined estrogen levels of yourself and your daughter. I was, and I developed a rash from my neck to my toes!"

    "On my arms, the rash was big and blotchy; on my torso, it was more like pox; and on my legs, it was a lot like small hives. I had to sleep with gloves on so that I didn't itch in my sleep and cause bleeding! Well, eventually my doctor induced my labor, and the rash and itching subsided within four days."


    7. "How pregnancy can make you super horny and make your orgasms 10 times easier!"

    8. "The thing that shocked me the most was during my 7th month, when my innie belly button suddenly became an outie!"

    "Then, after the baby was born, it went back to an innie, with a slightly larger opening."


    9. "I lost 30 pounds while I was pregnant."


    10. "I was surprised to start leaking milk before having the baby — I started leaking at 16 weeks along and had to wear nipple pads all the time."

    11. "The itching — everything itched so badly that I was grabbing knives and scissors to scratch my hands, back, and feet!"

    —Catrina Marks, Facebook

    12. "I drank gallons of water a day, even though I knew it would make me have to pee within five minutes! And after having the baby, I could barely get down a few glasses!"


    13. "I was surprised when my hair turned from blonde to dark brown during pregnancy and never changed back."

    14. "I was surprised that not everyone's boobs grow — mine only started getting slightly bigger around 30 weeks."


    15. "My IBS dairy intolerance calmed down enough during pregnancy for me to eat real cheese — and it was SO good!"


    16. "I was surprised to develop what's called a 'pregnancy tumor' on my gums. It was huge and would bleed every time I brushed!"

    17. "My mom always talked about her pregnancies being the best times of her life. She had tons of energy, and her sex drive was really high. So I was looking forward to being pregnant and was shocked when I suffered from antenatal depression throughout both of my pregnancies."


    18. "I couldn't handle some smells, like fish, cheese, and even some people. I couldn't stand my husband and sister!"


    19. "I was shocked that I grew hair on my belly that is still there 11 years later!"

    20. "I got SPD, which is when your ligaments soften too much during pregnancy and your pelvis becomes unstable. I couldn't walk without crutches for the last six weeks of my pregnancy, and the pain was excruciating!"


    21. "I burped nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! I couldn't even hold a conversation without having to excuse myself!"


    22. "I wasn't expecting all the terrible advice I received, or people coming up to me and putting their hands on my belly. For the love of all that's holy, please stop touching and asking to touch pregnant bellies!"

    23. "I had pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. I didn't even know this was a thing, but my doctor told me that it's extremely common during pregnancy!"


    24. "I snored so badly, I sounded like a freight train!"

    "I never snored before or after, but it got so bad during pregnancy that I had to wear strips on my nose to help me breathe correctly."


    And finally...

    25. "Even though I knew it was coming for nine months, I was still surprised when a baby actually came out of me at the end of it!"

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.