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    17 Kids Who Thought They Could Beat The System But Got Very, Very Busted

    "Stealth" is their middle name.

    1. This kid, who snuck and ate all the cream out of the Spring Oreos:

    2. This kid, who had her own ideas for how she wanted to look in her school picture:

    My youngest snuck her Wonder Woman headband to school for pictures. We just received the surprise. Well played kid....well played.

    3. This kid, who couldn't resist taking a bite out of a stick of butter...with the paper on it:

    4. This kid, who tried to sneak a toy out of the house in his boot, and forgot it was see-through:

    5. This kid, who tried their hand at forgery:

    6. And these kids, who snuck some chocolate chips and tried really hard to hide it:

    7. This kid, who hid a healthy late-night snack in their dresser:

    8. This kid, whose dad told him he had to finish all his dinner to get a snack, so he hid it under the sink:

    9. This kid, who sticks her family members' clothes in the toilet when she's mad at them:

    10. This kid, who did some sneaky — but genius! — repurposing:

    My 9-year-old daughter has taken an old lip balm tube and filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class.

    11. These kids, who snuck this mask into the washing machine to scare their parents:

    12. And this kid, who knows what a pencil case is really for:

    13. This kid, who didn't think anyone would notice if they took a little taste of the salami:

    14. This kid, who snuck and decorated their mom's room for Mother's Day with whatever they could find:

    15. This kid, whose aunt told her she could have one cookie, so she made this:

    16. This kid, who thought they could fool their parents:

    my mom writes my little brothers teacher a note and he brings it back home the next day and says she wrote this😭😭

    "No I am sorry other moms have already asked me the same thing. And I got to do that so no thank you!"

    17. And this kid, who managed to sneak and eat every single marshmallow out of the cereal. Every. single. one.