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    19 Sisters Who Sent The Most Rude, Hilarious, And Random Texts Ever

    "I popped an enormous zit on my ass. It made me think of you."

    1. Oh, sisters. They know how to make you feel really special:

    2. They know you way better than anyone else does:

    3. They keep you all the way posted:

    4. And they ask the important questions:

    5. They come with their share of autocorrect issues...

    6. ...hilarious text mistakes...

    7. ...and passive-aggressive insults:

    8. But they're always there when you really need them:

    9. And they totally speak your language:

    10. They are always thinking about you:

    11. They definitely make you a priority:

    12. They recognize your cries for help:

    13. And they make plans for the future like only a sister can:

    14. They are unapologetically honest with you:

    15. They're always willing to negotiate:

    16. They're not saying you have no social life, but:

    17. They keep you grounded:

    18. They have big dreams for you:

    19. And they always let you know just how much you mean to them: