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17 Hilarious Parents Whose Tweets Sum Up Why Sex After Kids Is So Damn Impossible

"Somehow a nap seems sexier than sex."

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1. When you know exactly what to say:

Baby Monologues / Via Twitter: @babymonologues

2. When history repeats itself:

James Breakwell / Via Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

3. When you have to tell a little white lie:

CCMomsBlog / Via Twitter: @CCMomsBlog

4. When you know what gets your partner hot:

MyMomologue / Via Twitter: @MyMomologue

5. When a little goes a long way:

Kim Stringfellow / Via Twitter: @Mamastehome

6. When "pillow talk" means something else altogether:

Dracula / Via Twitter: @mavismouse1234

7. When you have that "aha!" moment:

SarahThyre / Via Twitter: @SarahThyre

8. When at least there's a bright side:

Simoncholland / Via Twitter: @simoncholland

9. When you're just not as young as you used to be:

TheGladStork / Via Twitter: @TheGladStork

10. When science explains it all:

jlamarsh44 / Via Twitter: @jarman44

11. When you trail off into a reality check:

pandora_paton / Via Twitter: @pandora_paton

12. When you have a pretty fair question:

StellaGMaddox / Via Twitter: @StellaGMaddox

13. When you think you're slick:

Tarrence M Patterson / Via Twitter: @CrimsonPurgator

14. When you find totally appropriate analogies for pressure:

Anna Grace / Via Twitter: @graceful_asfuck

15. When you pull out all the stops for romance:

Ashley Austrew / Via Twitter: @ashleyaustrew

16. When you face the cold, hard truth:

Dad and Buried / Via Twitter: @DadandBuried

17. And when you finally realize that karma is a bitch:

Ginny Dalrymple / Via Twitter: @vodalrymple

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