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    20 Seriously Hysterical Things That Happened At Weddings That Made Me Laugh Like No Other

    For better, for worse, for hilarious as hell.

    There's no doubt about it — with all the family, friends, and love in the air, weddings can be some of the most beautiful events to witness.


    But these brides, grooms, and wedding guests proved that in all their beauty, weddings are also total, complete comedy:

    1. These wedding guests, whose attire was perfectly appropriate:

    We attended a ‘Zoom Wedding’ yesterday, and dressed accordingly. from pics

    2. This mystery wedding guest, who rearranged the cake toppers to create this romantic scene:

    3. This groom, who accidentally forgot his pants at the hotel:

    4. This couple, who made this hilarious RSVP request on their invitation:

    A wedding invitation, A chair and a sandwich.. from funny

    "If you do not RSVP by September 10th please bring a chair and a sandwich."

    5. This couple, who had a great sense of humor when the pandemic derailed their plans:

    Our wedding shower was supposed to be today. We made the best of what we had. from pics

    6. This bridesmaid, who didn't realize she walked around like this for an hour after using the restroom:

    7. This brother-of-the-bride, who always keeps his promises:

    5 years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding from pics

    8. And this junior wedding guest, who was over it before it even began:

    Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding; this is the picture she sent back from funny

    9. This bridesmaid, whose "smell the flowers" photo came out looking a little creepy:

    10. These bridesmaids, who forgot to decorate the getaway car before the wedding, so they improvised by doing this:

    11. This bride, who took this photo with some fellow hotel, er, guests:

    Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked. from pics

    12. This bride, who went all out in theme to watch the royal wedding:

    I come into the living room to see my wife in her wedding dress...watching the royal wedding. from funny

    13. This couple, who put their guests' heads on photos of livestock as table placecards:

    14. This bride, who pranked her groom by dressing in a dinosaur costume for their first look:

    15. This baker, who added an adorably hilarious detail to the couple's cake:

    this wedding cake from aww

    16. This groom, who accidentally left the security tag on his wedding suit:

    17. This couple, who played a hysterical — and memorable — practical joke on their guests:

    my parents invited all their friends & family to a costume party then when people got there they found out it was actually their wedding

    Twitter: @lexie_roessler

    18. This wedding guest, who made friends in unexpected places:

    My buddy went to a wedding last weekend and this swan wouldn't stop staring at him through the door from funny

    19. This bride, whose bridesmaid threw confetti at her as she walked down the aisle and didn't realize it would stick:

    20. And this wedding videographer, who has a knack for getting the perfect shot every single time:

    often think about this moment from my parents wedding video where the cameraman just zoomed in on a plate of ham

    Twitter: @sophie_gadd