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    17 Hilariously Quirky Teachers Who Definitely Make Everyone At Their School LOL

    Their level of hilarity is unmatched.

    1. This teacher, who left this note for the school custodian:

    2. This teacher, who created a hilariously epic computer wallpaper:

    3. This teacher, whose fail will live on in the memories of all those who laughed at it:

    4. This teacher, who gave their students a "Shakespeare insult" assignment:

    5. This teacher, who gave their student a hard time after they made a hilarious typo:

    6. This teacher, who went hilariously ruthless about students turning their work in late:

    7. This teacher, who has a hysterically clever decal on their computer:

    8. This teacher, whose sense of humor carries over into their computer screensaver:

    9. And this teacher, who wants his students to know he's always watching:

    10. This teacher, who made his class an important list:

    11. This teacher, who made a table of artifacts for his history class, including "an ancient artifact from a bygone era," aka a Blockbuster card:

    12. This teacher, who sent their students what they thought was an assignment, but:

    13. This teacher, who gave his students this hilariously unique hall pass:

    14. This teacher, who used a Mandalorian mask to get an important message across to his students:

    15. This teacher, who didn't want to be on camera, so did this instead:

    16. This teacher, who opened the semester in this hysterically creative way:

    opening credits on a power point looking like star wars opening

    17. And lastly, this cafeteria worker, who isn't afraid to speak the students' language when the situation calls for it: