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    23 Sister Texts That Should Be Printed, Framed, And Laughed At For A Long, Long Time

    "We live in an age where you can order pizza from your phone while you're pooping."

    1. Sisters. They always look out for their siblings:

    2. They share their deepest fears with each other:

    3. They marvel at modern technology together:

    4. They know how to make each other a priority:

    amandasaysso / Via Instagram: @amandasayssoo

    5. They are each other's biggest trolls:

    6. They share each other's sense of humor:

    7. They don't always meet each other's expectations:

    8. And sometimes they make mistakes:

    9. But they always, always recognize your cries for help:

    10. They can be a bit random for sure:

    kailyriqwikay / Via

    11. And they may show you tough love at times:

    12. But they totally speak your language:

    13. And if anything ever happened to you, they wouldn't know what to do:

    14. They're definitely the sarcastic ones in the family:

    15. And the stubborn ones:

    16. But they have the important conversations:

    17. Even if they get a little tongue-tied sometimes:

    18. They know when you're up to something:

    19. They always have the right words:

    allofthemoxie / Via Instagram: @allofthemoxie

    20. Even when they are a bit...intense:

    21. They have a knack for dropping really deep thoughts out there:

    22. At the end of the day, they're your soulmate:

    23. And with you, they know they can always be themselves: