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    16 Parents Who Are So Brilliant There Should Be Literal Shrines Dedicated To Them

    These aren't your average parent hacks.

    1. This dad, whose kid kept bugging him to ride his Peloton, so he used a big wheel to make him his own:

    2. This mom, who discovered that her kid's wagon makes a pretty good wine cooler:

    3. This dad, who got really crafty with some wood to make a cool sound system for his phone:

    4. This mom, who discovered that in a bind, a new tackle box makes a great snack box for her kiddos:

    5. This dad, who needed a hair tie for his kid while traveling, so he used the luggage tag:

    rubber band with a tag that says careful when lifting holding up a ponytail

    6. This mom, who made this helpful guide for her kid to learn to do the laundry:

    7. This dad, whose kids kept "borrowing" his socks, so he hid them in his tool drawer:

    8. This mom, who converted her old milk bottles into art supply containers:

    9. And this mom, who figured out a smart — and hilarious! — way of keeping her toddler out of the fridge:

    10. This mom, who discovered that in a bind, a file organizer makes a great charging station for all of her kids' electronic devices:

    11. This dad, who labeled his leftovers in a smart and very cheeky way:

    a photo of band member, meatloaf, a chicken, a muscular pig

    12. This mom, who discovered a genius way of keeping cool while watching her kids play outside in the heat:

    13. This dad, who got a personalized license plate for his lawnmower:

    14. This mom, who created this device to keep her kids from misplacing the remote:

    15. This dad, who came up with a seriously genius way to sneak in a nap while at home with the kids:

    I've convinced my kids that they can hypnotize me to fall asleep when I'm chasing them and it's their new favorite game. I'll literally lay down for a 10-minute nap in the hallway and they won't bug me because it "breaks their spell." It's my greatest win as a parent thus far.

    Twitter: @HenpeckedHal

    16. And lastly, this dad, who created a sandwich that puts every sandwich chain to shame: