20 Kids Whose Seriously Genius Moves Made Me Go, "Well Played, Kid. Well Played."

    They're unapologetic geniuses, and they don't care who knows it.

    1. This kid, who left this hilariously genius prank on the kitchen counter for their parents to find:

    2. This kid, who came up with the invention we didn't know we needed:

    3. This kid, who is a brilliant savage if there ever was one:

    My niece turned 3 today!! She asked for a Lion King cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because “everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me.”

    4. This kid, who roasted her dad with no gloves on:

    5. This kid, who came up with a clever way to get out of another Zoom session:

    6. This kid, who deserves an A+ in wordplay:

    7. This kid, who put floaties on the wheels of his truck to keep it from sinking in the tub:

    8. This kid, who created this hysterically accurate drawing:

    9. This kid, who was tired of the cat knocking over their food bowl, so they did this:

    10. This kid, who told their mom that there was water running down the stairs:

    11. And these kids, who told their parents there was water coming from the laundry room:

    12. This kid, who took the "fancy" dress code of his prom to a clever level:

    13. This kid, whose mom told her that she had to go to bed as soon as she finished her cake, so she stopped right here to "take a break":

    14. This kid, who found a hilariously clever way to get under their family's skin:

    15. This kid, who sent a Venmo request to a total stranger for a snack:

    16. This kid, whose parent said they didn't want to hear him bouncing on the trampoline, so he came up with a clever solution:

    17. This kid, who will force you to be more specific in your requests:

    18. This kid, who created a cool spoon-plus-straw combo to eat their cereal easier:

    19. This kid, who found a genius way to cool off their chocolate:

    20. And this kid, who mastered the art of minimal effort for maximum gain: